Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Transformation of Latina Women's Lives.

Once they recognize the dynamic relationship unfolding between the gender division of labor and a maturing market, they can better understand the hardships faced by Latina. It is particularly important to consider Latina women, on what are their views about marriage.

On the whole, Latina women are still more tied to the domestic realm than are African American or white non-Hispanic women. A greater share of Latina women overall, and less-educated Latina women in particular, are married than African American and white non-Hispanic women; a smaller share of Latina mothers are employed; and their reliance on men's income in greater. At the same time, however, Latina women are now experiencing the fastest rise in single motherhood and the highest rate of poverty among women heading families.

 These growing problem are clear evidence that the gender division of labor, or men's support for women's household work, is breaking down among this group as well. this breakdown is causing great hardship, because many of these women work for very low wages. Latina women have largely replaced African American women in private domestic work and also provide much of the labor for other low-paid service jobs. their contribution to the ranks of private house-hold workers tripled over the last two decades of the twentieth century.

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